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The first edition of the school newspaper was published, it was written by hand, in black and white, it had articles written by the students, teachers, and editorial of the rector.

1986 to 1988

Approval for our school is achieved by the District Education Secretariat for teaching at all levels from preschool through grade 11.


Seeing the positive response of the community by entrusting us with the Integral Education and Training of children, we see the need to expand the facilities, so a new property is acquired for the construction of a more comfortable and adequate physical plant in the direction which is currently the NUEVO MUNDO INTEGRAL EDUCATION SCHOOL. Trv. 74 N ° 40 and 51 south.


The First Folk Festival is celebrated, with the participation of all the students, teachers and parents of our school.

The First Reign of Integration is carried out with great welcome and enthusiasm by the entire community, continuously working on the improvement of the physical plant and strengthening the integration in arts, dances, and music to the academic component.
The graduation ceremony of the first baccalaureate promotion of the Mundo Nuevo Integral Education School is celebrated.

The physical plant of the school in its original project is terminated, however, it is noteworthy that periodically changes and innovations are made to it always seeking comfort, well-being, and safety for the entire community.
The student Lizly Campo receives an award for the preparation of a story about the history of our country by the newspaper El Tiempo.

During all this time an Educational and Pedagogical proposal is consolidated, full of seriousness and social responsibility, activities such as the Porras Festival in which all the courses with their choreographies, Festival of the Colombian Song, Discussion forums with participation of figures from public life such as Dr. Antanas Mockus, Conversations with great writers such as Jairo Aníbal Niño, Cultural presentations with the presence of characters from our idiosyncrasy such as The Indian Romulus; among others.

It is worth mentioning the start-up of the Typing, Nursing, Oratory, Cafeteria Room, the provision of didactic and technological elements such as opaque projectors, acetates, and films that would be the first step for what are now our rooms systems, audiovisual rooms, specialized and virtual classrooms.

Dr. Angélica Albarracín Rangel is actively linked to the school as a Psychologist and directive support.

Pre-garden children by the hand of Professor Piedad Pinzón win 2nd place in the realization of the Poster of the VII Local Educational Forum.
With regret, we received the news of the death of former student José Alex Key Martínez while serving his homeland.

Celebration of the First Institutional Forum of Mathematics.

Mr. Rector Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Ávila initiates contacts to undertake the path of accreditation in Educational Excellence for our school.

Celebration of the Porcelain Weddings of our school to turn 20 years of its foundation.
Tribute to all teachers who since 1986 have been leaving their mark on our school.
Celebration of the First National Folk Dance Festival.
Beginning of the accreditation process for Excellence with the EFQM Foundation

Certification at the level of Access to our school by the EFQM Foundation.

Celebration of the first English forum with the participation of schools in the area.

With regret, we received the news of the sudden death of the former student of the 2008 Silvana Gutierrez promotion and in her honor, a Eucharist is celebrated with the presence of her family.

Celebration of the silver wedding of our school for 25 years of foundation.
Decoration by the Congress of the Republic to the rector Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Ávila and Mrs. Teresa Rangel de Albarracín founders of our school for their service as educators.
Decoration by the Council of the city of Bogotá to the rector Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Ávila and Mrs. Teresa Rangel de Albarracín when celebrating the Silver Weddings of our school.
CONACED decoration to the directors of our school in recognition of the educational work carried out during all these years at the service of the community.

Decoration with the medal HONOR TO THE MERIT of our school by our directives to those people who throughout these years have made a fundamental and committed part of our school.
EFQM Foundation certification is received at level 2 stars COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE.

Celebration of the Bicentennial of our country and creation of the Urn of Time of our school that should be opened in 2020

Implementation of the Agreement between our school and the Free University consisting of the training of our students in the accounting area from the Ninth grade.

Start of the agreement with the IDRD for the creation of sports quarries.
The 10th-grade students win 1st place in the micro-business fair organized by the UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE for their work in the food science project at the head of the teacher of the chemistry area SOCORRO GUEVARA.
The preschool expansion was carried out leaving more green areas for the whole school

Accreditation at the 3-star level by the Colombia Foundation Excellent EFQM model. During the second semester, work was carried out on the remodeling and improvement of the facilities infrastructure of the language area, which today has the latest technology and teaching aids

The positioning of the school among the best in the city and the country.





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Creation of the Department of Human Talent as support in the administrative area for the welfare of the entire educational community.
Tribute to Sr. Emelia Mesa for a lifetime of service to our school.

Recognition by the National University to eleventh-grade students for having obtained the fifth place at the national level in the Chemistry contest organized by said Institution.

Tribute to Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Ávila for a lifetime dedicated to the Educational Institution.
Dr. Angélica Albarracín Rangel assumes with pride and a great sense of responsibility as Rector of our School.